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While our hydration IV drip is enough to have you feeling great, we understand you may want to enhance your drip with more essential vitamins and nutrients that help your body thrive. Along with our selection of drip packages, EIV supplies a selection of add-ins to include with your drip. These add-ins can improve your hydration and help you manage other conditions, like a migraine or morning sickness.

Benefits of Drip+

For decades, medical professionals have understood the power of IV treatments. These fast and effective solutions deliver hydration, vitamins, medicine and other essentials directly to a patient’s bloodstream, maximizing their impact and significantly cutting the time it takes to start feeling improvements.

Today, you can get these same effective treatments in the comfort of your own home with EIV. Our team comes to you to provide personalized treatment packages customized with whichever add-ons you need to address your symptoms and start feeling your best.

Available Drip+

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