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Wax and Tint

Our brow tinting service includes a custom-mixed tint, which is tailored to your perfect color – whether you’re a dark brunette, blonde or redhead, we have the shade for you. Brow tint is available in custom-created colors from very light brown to dark brown-black, and eyebrow tint gives your brows extra shape and definition and is perfect for those with fairer brows wishing to match their gorgeous new lashes. If you’re using skin-thinning medication, including retinol or retinoids, just let us know – we’re happy to create a neatly tweezed brow for those with delicate skin where waxing isn’t suitable.

We Cannot Perform Brow Wax If:

Brow waxing is one of the few skin-based treatments and we like to ensure that our clients’ skin is suitable for a safe, comfortable procedure. However, there are some conditions where waxing may damage the skin. If you’re unsure about any of these contraindications, just chat to our team – they can always recommend an alternative! We offer both hot and strip wax, or book in for a brow tweeze/shape if you’re not certain waxing is for you.

We cannot perform a brow wax if:

  • You have used Accutane, Roaccutane (retinoic acic) or other strong acne medications in the last six months. These medications have a thinning effect on the skin which makes brow waxing unsuitable.

  • You have used retinol, topical Retin-A, ReTrieve (tretinoin) or other prescription skin medications in the last four weeks. These have similar effects to the above.

  • You have had laser resurfacing, fraxel laser or skin needling in the last four weeks. These treatments leave skin very delicate for at least a month.

  • You’ve had a BHA/AHA/glycolic acid peel in the brow area in the last four weeks.


We like to make sure that all our tint clients have a comfortable experience with us and come out with great brows and lashes! Unfortunately, there are some circumstances where tints cannot be performed.

We cannot perform a tint if:

  • You have had an allergic reaction to any form of tint (including hair dye) in the past.

  • You have any sign of eczema, infection, cuts or scabbing in the brow area.

  • For lash tinting – if you have eye inflammation, infection, or have had laser eye surgery in the past 3 months.

Please note: if you regularly use exfoliants/scrubs retinols, AHA or BHA-based products on the brow area, the tint treatment may not last well. Exfoliants encourage cell turnover, which means that tint tends to fade at a faster rate.

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